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Before We Can Help

Conditions MUST Be Met Before Any Notices Will Be Sent (except for ones forwarded from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC))

All cases have to have been entered into the F.B.I.'s National Crime Information Center (NCIC).
We need permission from the custodial parent, guardian, and the Law Enforcement Agency giving permission to distribute the photograph of missing child.
We will not publish or distribute photographs of abductors unless a felony warrant has been issued for the abductor and we receive the permission from the Law Enforcement Agency that issued the warrant

Case Status

ACTIVE CASE has met the conditions listed below. Please feel free to print and post any active case
CLOSED CASE is a case where the child has been found or is no longer listed on NCIC. Please remove any Web Fliers that have been printed and posted. Also please notify any parties that you have forwarded a Alert that the case is now closed.
PENDING CASE are either awaiting approval of Law Enforcement or the Custodial Parents. Pending cases are not listed on our Active Cases Page nor is the URL sent out for PENDING Cases. The reason a Web Flier is on our site when it is listed as PENDING so it can easily be viewed by CP prior to issuing an 4thekids Missing Kid Alert. On rare occasions a ACTIVE Case may have it's status changed to pending if for some question arises after it is issued. Or when it the status is checked and we cannot get OKed that it is still ACTIVE. With the workload of Law Enforcement working with missing child it some times can take a day or two to get in contact with the officer assigned to the case.
HOLD A hold may be put on an ACTIVE CASE by request of Law Enforcement. We will honor all requests by Law Enforcement to try to stop to distributing of cases that they for whatever reason want removed. This some times is done to keep notice of an investigation reaching parties that are part with a case.

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