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Missing Kid Alert System


This is a dream of my co-moderator and mine. Patty's daughter was missing a few months ago and we were able to get all kinds of help thanks to the Internet. We contacted a locale church in the town that we believed she had gone. We found the church by doing a search for web pages in that city. We were able to send them fliers, which members of the church put up for us. We also found some great printing businesses that would print fliers for free. We even checked into finding a couple of trucking firms willing to drop off fliers at a truck stop to be picked up. I made a web page and we sent it out over our ICQ contact lists and asked for them to forward it on. We had over 10,000 hits over one weekend alone. So after Patty's daughter was found we got to thinking about the powers of the Internet. Wouldn't it be neat if we had something like this in place? We want to really work on the states of Nebraska and Iowa. Partly because we want to set up system to only send out notices where it will do the most good. In Iowa there is a group that I have worked with before and trust. So between them and others we can find we can get going before we are overwhelmed with requests. Also are concerned about when the posting of fliers might harm an on going case. We want to have two stages of Alerts. Stage 1, members in a given area are sent a notice of a URL, where they can print out a flier (or as many as they wish) of a missing child, then post it some place in their area. Stage 2 This is an all out blanket of an area. We would use area coordinators to be distribute the fliers to groups to be posted in a city. To meet this need we need to put together a network of people and computers. We hope to develop a list of people and businesses with scanners, so if web pages or gif files need to be made, we can help. Also things that we hope to do is to try to link up with a group like the Scouts or church groups to blanket a area with fliers when a need comes up. A list of firms that will print the fliers and teams of people to make web pages.

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