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Sassy's Kids

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Sassy's Kids hosts pictures and information about children who are missing from all over the USA. There are also links to national organizations and private sites who are dedicated to the cause of "missing kids". The site offers a "partner" button to share on personal websites so that net users may click on the link to see "Sassy's Kids". This is offered to anyone wishing to get involved and you do not HAVE to have a personal webpage to be a partner :). The objective of the partner button is to get the link out so that others can see these kids pictures. Sassy's Kids is a NON-PROFIT page, no one gets paid for "hits", there are no advertisements. There is also a "Partner Page" with the names of people who have requested to be added as a partner.The page is listed with several search engines under key words "Missing kids".


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Computers to Help People, Inc.

Provides books in Braille on Science and mathematics from elementary grades through postgraduate.

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Brewster, Nebraska
Spirit of the Cowboy
The homepage for the best small town in America

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click on banner for a chance to win a laptop computer in a monthly drawing


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Elaine Garvin - TickleyWhiskers Studio
Illustration for kids publishing.

Bears on Patrol

Detroit's BEARS ON PATROL collects teddy bears (and other stuffed animals), packages each one in a plastic bag to keep it clean, then distributes them to all 13 Detroit PD Precincts, Tactical Services, Housing Support, the Child Abuse Unit, and the Michigan State Police - Detroit Post.

Police officers are issued BEARS, which they carry with them in their scout cars while on patrol. As officers encounter children who are victims of traumatic incidents, they give a BEAR to them. The BEARS are presented to child victims of traffic crashes, child abuse, domestic violence, fires, residential burglaries, and other upsetting experiences, to help comfort these children and reduce the trauma they have suffered. The BEARS are also helpful in cases where a child may be hesitant or afraid to talk to an adult about an incident, but the child will "talk" to the BEAR.

When they give the BEAR away, the officer fills out a presentation slip that indicates the date, the child's name, age, address, and reason they received a BEAR. The slips are then returned to Detroit's BEARS ON PATROL.

Detroit's BEARS ON PATROL is funded by donations from individuals, businesses, and community or civic groups.

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Day Of The Child

Day of the Child represents a single day of the year. As such it permits all people to focus intently on the issue of child abuse at a particular time. It is to be used to let current abuse victims know
they are not to blame and to make them aware that help is available and how to go about getting it. It is to be used to encourage former victims to acknowledge their experiences and to seek healing. It is
to be used to enable survivors to tell their stories and share the wisdom they've gained. It is to be used to encourage parents who are struggling to cope to call and get help. It is to be used to provide a
means for any would-be perpetrator to recognize the humanity of the victim and, most importantly, to seek guidance as to how to stop before committing a reprehensible and irreparable act. Finally it is
to be used to provide a means for any perpetrator to acknowledge, to confess, to seek treatment and most importantly to stop hurting children.

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Tess's Angels Page


A group of people dedicated to making children smile during their final days, bringing hope to families with missing children, and sharing with those in need. 

Sentinel K

Sentinel K is a unique UK company and now a corporation in the US providing a wide range of very specialized intelligence; child/ adult recovery and high-risk security related services on an emergency,
stand-by or contracts basis.

SteveDr's Home Page

Missing children links and special cases

Kids in Trouble Help Page




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