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Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB) Formed

In our effort to better serve the families of missing child, we have asked some our members who are also members of Law Enforcement Organizations to come together to form an Advisory Board to help us better direct our efforts. They will be studying our interaction with Law Enforcement Agencies and develop policies that will aid us in our quest to provide the best service that we can to both families of missing children and those that work to bring them home. They will also provide information that will help families better develop relationships with the police departments handling their cases. We look for great things from the LEAB. Watch for more information in the weeks to follow.


Starting in August 1999 we changed the format of the news letter. Prior to Aug. the news letter was really just a long email. Starting in December we will have a new Editor of the 4thekids Newsletter. The new Editor is Joyce M. Schultz, Please send any ideas or news to her at  joyscrft@centurytel.net

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