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We have put this page up for members and others that are contacted by ICQ to be able  read update and email notices that are sent out over the 4thekids email list.

Email Sent 5/28/99

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Having a few new members that might not be acquainted with the Christina Mendoza girl’s case I thought I would send a little recap of the case.

Christina’s mother contacted us for assistance after being referred by another Internet origination.

We contacted L.E. in this case Det. Margie Quihuiz, of the Mesa Police -- Missing Persons Dept. After receiving the ok from L.E. we put up a Web Flier. http://members.tripod.com/Forthekids/mendoza.html We are a little concerned by the lack the number of hits the web flier has received but this is SLOWLY starting to pick up.

When talking with L.E. they requested that we target the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, really concentrating on the town of Cleveland, Tennessee.

Between members of 4thekids, Patty, and myself we have sent out over 40 emails requesting help posting fliers. We have heard back from just 2 and with limited offers of help from them.

So if anyone has a little time and is willing we sure could use some help. We want to start a new email campaign to contact businesses, churches and clubs in the Chattanooga area for help posting fliers. Please contact us before doing so. We want to go over the list of places to contact and a little about how to do go about contacting them. We also want to be very careful as not to Spam anyone.

We also need to make sure that we again hit every doctor’s office and clinic with fliers. Most likely this will be by snail mail, unless we can find a group down there that would be willing to hand deliver them.

A couple of points of importance on this case: the girl might be pregnant and her grandfather is dying from cancer. So whatever any of you can do please let us know. If nothing else please pass the URL of the web flier on to all of your friends and contacts.

And as long as you don’t change or remove anything from this email, feel free to forward it to your friends and contacts. If you would rather send it out over ICQ a copy of this email can be viewed on our web site. The URL to view the email is http://members.tripod.com/Forthekids/notices.html


Dean Powers

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