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Tara Rose Munsey
ACTIVE As of 01/25/2000

A sad end to the search for Tara Rose Munsey, with the news that Tara's body was located last night (2/10/2000) in a remote part of Pulaski County the status on the Tara Munsey case has been changed from Missing Child to Homicide Victim. You may keep the banners up, we will be changing them in the next day to reflect the change in status but till an arrest is made this is still a very active case.
Dean Powers Case Manager 2/11/2000 (More updates below as we receive them.)

Any information concerning her disappearance or death please contact Pulaski County Sheriff Department
(540) 980-7800 Pulaski County Sheriff's Department

Born 2/2/83, BLOND hair, BLUE eyes, 5' 5", 110 lbs.
Last seen leaving Taco Bell in Fairlawn (Radford), Virginia,
7:30 p.m., Tuesday, January 25, 2000, wearing navy blue Taco Bell uniform.
Please call 540-980-7800 with any information.

Cash Reward
(540) 980-7800
Pulaski County Sheriff's Department
or (800) CRIMETV
(Information about donations to a reward fund HERE)

Update Case Information

2/12/2000 This what I have heard so far. Tara was shot multiple times in the head. There will be a memorial service at the high school - Sunday at 3 p.m..The impression I got tonight was that the police feel lucky. Tara was found by accident, soon enough to provide good evidence. They believe the person knew the area, because she was taken down an obscure railroad access road. They seem to feel they have or will have enough evidence to start hunting..

2/5/2000 The only new item is that the FBI has joined the search.
The following information has been released from the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, concerning the case of 16-year-old Tara Munsey who disappeared on Tuesday, January 25, 2000 from Fairlawn, Virginia.
Detectives consider Tara’s disappearance suspicious. On 01/25/2000 around 7:00 PM, she finished work and walked outside the restaurant and has not been seen. Her car was found later in the parking lot, unlocked with a bag of food and her cap from her uniform on the driver's seat.
Law Enforcement would like to locate 2 possible witnesses who earlier had driven through the Drive-thru window of the Taco Bell Dean Powers case Manager 2/5/2000

Possible Witness
Possible Witness
18 - 20 yr. male
Dark Hair
Gap between his 2 front teeth
18 - 20 yr. old
Heavier than person 1

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