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Missing Kid Alert System

This 4thekids MISSING KID ALERT SYSTEM was the dream of our co-moderator Patty Beeken. Patty's daughter was missing a few months ago and we were able to get all kinds of help thanks to the Internet. We contacted a local church in the town that we believed she had gone. We found the church by doing a search for web pages in that city. We were able to send them fliers, which members of the church put up for us. We also found some great printing businesses that would print fliers for free. We even checked into finding a couple of trucking firms willing to drop off fliers at a truck stop to be picked up. I made a web page and we sent it out over our ICQ contact lists and asked for them to forward it on. We had over 10,000 hits over one weekend alone. So after Patty's daughter was found we got to thinking about the powers of the Internet. Wouldn't it be great if we had something like this in place?

Then if needed we will try to locate businesses and nonprofit groups in communities where the child may be located to see if the groups and businesses would help get the word out.

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