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4thekids Missing Kid Alert List
The 4thekids MISSING KID ALERTS Project is one of the main projects for our organization. When we get a case we first verify it with the custodial parent or guardian, and the Law Enforcement Agency that took the first report. After we verify that it is an active case and that our sending out a notice would not harm an on going investigation we start to work.

We make the Web Flier (WF) and put it up on our web site. We then send out the notice and WF to our members (both the ICQ & email list members) and to other missing children email lists, we also post the message to the related newsgroups.

This list is our main email notice for 4thekids MISSING KID ALERTS. All of our notices are sent out on this list. Only notices sent to this list are verified by us. The staff of 4thekids are the only ones allowed to post to this list. If you have a missing child case to forward, please forward it to forthekids@comweb.net or pbeeken@comweb.net and after we verify it and get the ok from both the custodial parent and law enforcement we will post it to the list.

4thekids Information List
The reason this list was started is that I work with one of the leading organizations on the Internet for child safety. This group will be starting a team to aid in finding MISSING KIDS. We have access to some of the best people when it comes to the tools of the Internet, along with a great relationship with Law Enforcement and other organizations working on this problem. In forming this team we wanted to gather input from professionals and parents that have had to deal with the nightmare of a missing child. So the idea of this emailing list is a way to gather and share ideas. One of the things that we hope to come up with is a kind of a clearinghouse for information and resources available on the Internet. More than just a link page, but place to go and find verified sources for help and information, not just for the families dealing with a MISSING CHILD, but for the agencies (both Private and Law Enforcement.) working with missing children cases. If you are a member of an organization or know of one please forward it to the us. All ideas are welcome. We would like to keep the emails on topic as much as possible.

4thekids Parent List
If you have a child that is missing or have had a child that is missing this list is the place for you to come for advice and support.

4thekids Help List
This list is made up of Licensed Investigators and Law Enforcement Officers who are willing to offer advice and information to the staff of 4thekids. After we receive your request to join, you will be contacted by the Team Leader for this project for some additional information. Once this information is received, you will be added to the list.

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